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Interview Tomorrow! And I literally only have enough money to get a “line up” (not a full haircut) and enough Ramen to last a week. I’M HYPE! Or maybe just malnourished but either way I’m feelin like “This Is It.” Why shouldn’t I? I’ve been turned down and turned down so how in the world could I be so confident? BECAUSE FOO! Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted. Get fit.


Every morning I wake-up and look at this picture.

You should too. RT if you do. 

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

– Malcolm X

I didn’t get the job.

My first thoughts were: Epic failure. I seriously had to fight that feeling of extreme disappointment and helplessness. Fortunately I am 1: Extremely capable of being optomistic in tough situations (rejection, etc) and 2: A good friend of mine gave me some well timed advice. That friend told me that they have decided to change their way of thinking because while they are doing great things they have begun to feel a downward trend in their enthusiasm and confidence. The change was very simple and I thought it might be very helpful in the getfitCEO journey through triumphs and pitfalls. [I believe I’ve modified their advice but it is essentially the same]

Create three overall goals. They can be as simple as “I will create a personal budget today” and as broad as “I will improve the lives of the people in my life”. These are your goals. Keep them in mind, write them down do whatever you need to do but just don’t forget them. Now, here’s the hard (dope) part: each morning make your first thoughts “I will….” instead of “I want….” Begin your day making affirmations instead of hoping for miracles and you’ll find that you can accomplish a lot more then you give yourself credit for. Say “I will… ” and do it. Each “I will…” should move you closer to accomplishing the overall three goals you created initially. After you complete one of the three, replace it with a new one. Try to keep the overall goals at a low number but more then 1 (though it doesn’t have to be 3 exactly), so that you neither overwhelm nor “under”whelm yourself.

Just food for thought. Although I didn’t get the position, I learned quite a bit from the experience.

Oh and thank God for good friends and great family, they keep me sane.

Get fit.

Grizzly Bear Album Cover


Love? Quitting love (hence the two weeks [notice???])

Can someone explain? I like it, but I can’t explain why.

SIDEBAR: I’m going to be all inclusive from now on, NOT just business. WHY? Because I think the most successful people understand balance. ESPECIALLY LIFE-WORK balance.

Get fit.

Sort of in response to Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video

I received my first (of very few) A’s studying Group Think in 2005. It was my first year at UVA in a “Social Psychology” course, back when I thought I wanted that coveted M.D. To this day I couldn’t really explain why that one class had me so geeked that I fooled myself into picking Psychology as a major when I clearly hated every subsequent Psych class I enrolled in, but that is neither here nor there. For clarity, I changed my major in my 3rd year to Music and kept it moving (also tried to squeeze in a Studio Art minor but alas there just wasn’t enough time left). I believe I was excited to learn about concepts such as “group think” because they discuss issues that have an intimate affect on our lives (whether you want to study them or not). Understanding these concepts could help us succeed, fall short of success or completely alter our definition of success. The definition of success or progress in particular is important to getfitCEO because GROUP THINK can and might always be in direct conflict with the getfitCEO journey.

Group Think: basically when a group creates  a “consensus” or “general agreement” in their way of thinking that abhors alternative opinions in fear that those who oppose (“dissenters”) will profoundly disrupt the equilibrium of the group.

The extraordinary thing about this phenomenon is that it seemingly has no boundaries. Chivalry? Tradition? Fashion? Music? Culture? ALL these “concrete” ideas have traits of Group Think because we fail to attempt to keep redefining them. We have come to a “general agreement” (often unspoken) on what IS and IS NOT acceptable. Consequently, group think tells us to hold our tongue, rationalize our thoughts, censor our words, ostracize the minority, protect the majority and earnestly believe that the current definitions are beyond reproach, reprisal and/or revision.

I think Erykah Badu is evoking a cultural reproach with her video as she strips away her clothing and subsequently becomes a dissenter of the social norm that is: WE wear clothes on a sunny day in the park, regardless of how nice the weather is. (ESPECIALLY IN TEXAS). She is metaphorically shot down by Group Think only to reveal that she bleeds group think herself.

What about Group THINK vs getfitCEO?

So where does that leave us? What are we supposed to do? Strip down and feel awkward that we’ve left it all hanging out? No. I don’t think that Erykah’s ACT was the point but merely an example of the issue at hand.

We all want to break free from (some of) the bonds of Group Think whether or not we consciously realize it. However, we must be able to sift through the venomous and benevolent properties that go with sharing a thought or concept amongst individuals who form the group. For me and the getfitCEO journey I believe it is important to understand that Group Think should be neither a battle nor a dictatorship. There are certain periods in life (& business) where the GROUP destiny will outweigh one’s INDIVIDUAL triumphs. What I mean is that there will be times that I will have to put my immediate goals on the back burner in order to build a community. Acts that may not benefit my professional or personal progress but might mean a lot to others (community service, visiting a friends premier for a fledgling company, etc). This is vital to the getfitCEO journey because that communal nourishment help’s to establish your individual integrity. Dissenting “Group Think” by being that person who ALWAYS must go against the grain, abhors everything “popular” and wears his/her heart on their shoulder is not a power move, it is a suicide mission. We must realize when to fly solo dolo and when to hop on the bandwagon for the ride. I have more to say on this topic and I hope that thus far my musings have not been in any way presumptuous or overtly ambivalent.

Erykah Badu has reported created her video to open up discussion on GROUP THINK….getfitCEO says: “LET THE DISCUSSION BEGIN”
Hit me @MrCAnderson (twitter) or if you’d like to chat about this. I’m down. Get Fit.

An interestingly titled article from CBS news:

I know Lil’ Weezyana didn’t approve this documentary, but sheesh he spoke the truth.

Free Mr. Carter.

Get Fit.



I’d like to say it was BREEZY! You just never know, but I feel good. That should count for something because I’ve felt awful, confused and 1,000 other non-good emotions about past interviews.


"Jump Up In The Air"

Erykah Badu ft. Lil Wayne

'I know you want to, Jump up in the Air and stay there'


When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

Me: When I got this track on cassette. (Everything Remains Raw on the B side)


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